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Invitation to Lecture at UNE

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Odysseus’ Odyssey

April 9th 2015
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The Odyssey

March 23rd 2015

Students, Here is a link to a .pdf version of Unit 5 of our literature textbook. Use this file to access the readings and response questions for Homer’s The Odyssey, which we will begin reading after we return from Spring Break. Familiarize yourself with the principal characters (human, gods & immortals). Here is a backup file […]

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Avoiding plagiarism

February 20th 2015

Here are some useful links: Ask the Experts at plagiarism.org OWL: Is it Plagiarism yet?

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Dickens – comma splice activity

December 10th 2014

Post your parodies here!

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A Tale of Two Cities

December 2nd 2014

You can access a digital version of the text at Project Gutenberg

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“Rules of the Game” – annotation assignment

September 24th 2014

Read ‘Rules of the Game’ by Amy Tan. You will find the short story on pp. 100-109 of our textbook, and also online at: Genius.com Assignment: Write 4 or more annotations following the included rubric. There may be a reading comprehension pop quiz on Tuesday! Annotation Rubric-Rules of the Game

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Poe annotated!

September 12th 2014

Read and annotate The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe. Follow the instructions in the attached rubric (READ IT CAREFULLY). Annotation Rubric-Amontillado There may be a quiz!  

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Homework – September 4, 2014

September 4th 2014

  Sign up at genius.com for a user name, then “follow” me – my Genius user name is “MrAllen”  http://genius.com/MrAllen   Read Connell’s short story “The Most Dangerous Game”. It is in your textbooks (pp. 20-39) and also available online at: http://lit.genius.com/Mr-allen-richard-connells-the-most-dangerous-game-annotated   Also, carefully read pp. R33-34 “Avoiding Plagiarism” and “Using Material Without Plagiarizing” […]

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